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About us

ALDI is one of the leading discounters in Europe. We represent clearly defined values and principles and pursue the objective of being permanently successful in our business. As a discounter, we make an important contribution to providing a broad range of consumers with products that meet their daily needs. We act in the interests of our customers and reliably meet our performance promise to supply high-quality products at permanently favourable prices.

More than 58,000 employees work for the ALDI North Group. The ALDI North Group is a reliable partner for suppliers and makes a contribution to wealth creation at 75 locations. Taking responsibility for our corporate actions (Corporate Responsibility – CR) has always been part of our business ethos. We also take responsibility in order to secure our competitiveness over the long term, continue writing our success story and further expand our market position in Europe.

100 years of business tradition

The ALDI brand is an unrivalled hallmark for the success of the discount principle. The foundation stone was laid in 1913. The original small food store in Essen-Schonnebeck has developed into the ALDI North Group, which is represented in a total of nine European countries with more than 70 legally independent regional companies. Our performance promise is the same today as it was in the past: “The highest quality – the lowest prices”.

We focus on the essentials: our customers. Every day, we supply our stores with high-quality food and non-food products for them. Then there are special-buy products which are launched twice a week. The heart of our product range is provided by the ALDI North Group own brands. Selected brand-name products complete the product range. Online services like travel packages, photo services, music and mobile phone are also supplied under the ALDI brand, along with a florist service dispatching flowers. Current awards like the “Brand of the Year 2015” in the category “Food Retailer” and fifth place in the study “European Trusted Brands 2015” in the category “Food retail business” provide evidence for the trust of our customers.

At a glance: ALDI North Group

The ALDI North Group includes stores in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

At a glance: ALDI North Group

In 2015, we established ALDI CR Support Asia in Hong Kong. This provides operational support for the CR department of ALDI Buying in the production countries. The primary function is to carry out visits to production facilities together with our suppliers. This enables us to gain an impression of the conditions and advances of our suppliers at their local facilities. The other functions of ALDI CR Support Asia include qualification of the suppliers and production facilities, as well as stakeholder management in Asia. ALDI CR Support Asia keeps the CR department continuously informed about its activities and findings. This means that the information can be recorded and integrated in purchasing decisions.

“Simply ALDI” – Principles and Policies

The mission statement “Simply ALDI” describes our aspiration to continually set standards for food retailing and to further expand the market position of the ALDI North Group. “Simplicity, responsibility and reliability” are the three core values embedded in the mission statement. It provides employees of the ALDI North Group with clear orientation and offers practical support for implementing our values in every-day business. The roll-out of the mission statement was launched with workshops and staff bulletin in autumn 2014.

The CR Policy, the Social Compliance Programme and a number of purchasing policies create the framework for the CR activities of the ALDI North Group. Country-specific objectives or regional projects in areas such as food donations are organised within this framework.

It links up with the CR content and core values of the mission statement and gives concrete form to the fields of action where we implement our corporate responsibility. Concrete goals and measures for each field of action are summarised in the CR Programme. The CR Policy was published at the end of 2015. This policy enables us to explicitly complement our performance promise in relation to price and quality with the issue of corporate responsibility.

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Our three core values are part of our mission and more details are provided here.

One of the relevant product groups is fruit and vegetables.

Also successful in Europe
Since the 1970s, the ALDI North Group has been expanding successfully in Europe with its ALDI discount concept.

Germany since 1961
Netherlands since 1973
Belgium since 1976
Denmark since 1977
France since 1988
Luxembourg since 1991
Spain since 2002
Portugal since 2006
Poland since 2008

A group of equal subsidiaries is a group made up of legally independent companies under a unified management without any one company being dependent on the other.

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